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Tina Ganja   (MA, BA hons)

Psychotherapist & Counsellor



+(44) 07939 378 709



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Client Testimonials

Male Client 

29 years old

Tina helped me to talk through some deep-seated childhood issues from the past that were affecting my current relationships.  I was able to be completely open and and feel comfortable to say whatever was on my mind.  She gave me some amazing suggestions, emphasised and understood where I was coming from.  I now feel able to be open about my feelings with my partner and don't feel so haunted by my fears.

Having therapy with Tina has literally changed my life for the better.

Female Client

34 years old

I met Tina in 2018 because I was struggling with health anxiety and OCD.  I was depressed, off work and having panic attacks.  Tina helped me to realise my anxiety was coming from things around me including my family.  I found it hard to speak up so stored a lot of emotion inside me.  She helped me find new ways of dealing with things and a different way of viewing situations.

Her warm smile greats you at the door and when you are with her, you feel so relaxed.  I always left feeling very positive and less anxious.  I now see her every now and then as I feel like I can manage my feelings better.

Female Client

27 years old

Seeing Tina has quite dramatically changed my life. It began because I needed to help understand a relationship in my life, but it transitioned into a much deeper understanding of myself, and how my mind works when I think about relationships and interactions. Tina is empathetic and made me feel comfortable and heard from the very first session. She has an ability to notice things that I have struggled to notice myself. Therapy with Tina began as a solution to a problem, but it is now something I see as an on-going process of discovery. 

Female Client

33 years old

I came to Tina almost 2 years ago, seeking help with relationships. But over time, I have found my sessions to be very helpful in other aspects of life too, including career choices, time management and self-care. From my very first session, Tina made me feel comfortable to use the therapy session space as somewhere that was safe for me to talk. The journey  has been quite incredible for me; discovering past traumas  that I had been completely oblivious to.  This has been painful at times but valuable to my mental health. I feel more confident in myself after every session and am able to use the tools that we discussed.

Overall, she is an excellent counsellor and i feel very lucky to have found her. 

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